About Us

Our Mission

The mission of EL Paso Playhouse is to offer entertainment to the local community. We aim at educating, inspiring, motivating and entertaining our audience through interesting live plays and musicals, among other theatricals.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading theater not just locally, but also internationally. We also want to increase the number of plays and drama performances as our audience grows and theater enlarges.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a very personal, pleasurable and memorable experience for all of our guests. Our guests in the audience are guaranteed to feel invigorated and refreshed after a vacation experience like no other.

We work with small groups of travelers to make it possible for those on vacation to visit our theater for endless entertainment. We also introduce them to the locals so that they can really see and experience Tuscan culture as it really is.

We’re your local community for everything arts, live performances, dramas, and musicals, among others.

About Us

El Paso Playhouse is a community arts theater. We focus on arts and performances aimed at educating and entertaining our audience. We’ve been in the industry for more than ten years and continue to grow in our performances and number of audiences.

We focus on showcasing plays, musicals and other live theatrical performances for endless entertainment. We don’t just entertain visitors to the theater but also give back to the community in several ways.

Our community theater draws people of all ages, from youth to adults who’re into performing arts. We inspire the young members of the community to take up arts and motivate them to work hard at whatever they decide to do.

What’s more, we endeavor to showcase unique live performances, including historical events. We’re your go-to local theater for live theatrical performances.

Our Community Theater

Our community theater is also entertaining and educational. Instead of high school students studying literature to simply read their books, they can visit our theater for live plays such as Shakespeare’s range of books and plays.

Important musicals and plays on historical events are performed at EL Paso Playhouse. Individual authors can also seek writing inspiration from performances at our theater. This is truer about plays or musicals that highlight specific eras in history, which haven’t been put on the limelight much.

Furthermore, our community theater is a perfect place for continuous, lifelong learning and new discoveries. This can be an eye opener to a new relationship, a new hobby or a new path in life.

Apart from creativity and honing arts, audiences also develop problem solving skills, teamwork spirit and public speaking confidence. The presence of our theater in the local community also strengthens the cultural environment and offers safety for persons of all ages.

We also provide catharsis to audiences and performers, including experiences of varied cultures that work together towards the same goal. We’re your go-to theater for lots of entertainment locally. Visit us for community arts and endless performances near you.

Our Performance

Our performances allow people in the audience to look inward and gain knowledge for insight into your immediate environment. This helps spark creativity in our performers and audience. As a result, you’re able to develop innovative solutions to various problems in the society.

With less creative subjects being offered in schools, EL Paso Playhouse is critical in the lives of local youth. We give them a platform to explore their creative minds and express their emotions without being limited by rejection fear.

Local youth come together at our playhouse for a common goal, putting on a great production. You’ll learn how to work as a team and improve yourself as an individual through performances. Our audience also benefit from fun performances and great experiences.

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